As the economy reopens and business leaders and homeowners consider the best defenses
against airborne pathogens, a good first step is evaluating your air filtration system. Replacing your
air filters on a regular basis and upgrading your current model to one that can capture smaller particles
will go a long way in keeping everyone who walks through your doors safe.

Boosting Your Defense

The higher the MERV rating, the better protection
the filter will offer your home or business.
Our AIRx HEALTH Air Filter carries a MERV 13
rating and effectively removes 90 percent of
bacteria and virus carriers from 1-3 microns in
size. Another effective strategy: combining a
prefilter with a higher-rated secondary filter to
capture even more particles. The powerhouse
combination of a MERV 16 filter, with a MERV 11
prefilter, can capture more than 98 percent of
particles in a single air change.

Trading Out Your Air Filter

Remember your protective gear

Before you begin, make sure you put on gloves, 
a mask and safety glasses.

After Removal

Put the old filter into a bag to avoid dispersing 
the particles it blocked from your building.

Time for your new, fresh filter

 Carefully insert the new filter inside the 
device. Make sure you follow the filter’s
recommended replacement schedule.

We take your health and safety seriously. Our AIRx filters offer quality protection at affordable prices.
As you start your journey to better indoor air quality, let us help you along the way.