The PreVent® System

From cottonwood seeds to bugs, the PreVent® system stops airborne debris before it gets inside A/C units, cooling towers, chillers and other HVAC equipment. PreVent air intake filters fit on the outside of the unit, keeping contaminants from entering the system and protecting the vulnerable fill material and coils inside. With the extra protection of the PreVent air intake filter, your pleated, metal mesh or washable electrostatic air filters will last longer, and your HVAC systems will work better and more efficiently. PreVent air intake filters are custom-made in the USA to fit any outdoor air intake, and can be simply brushed or hosed clean, with zero downtime. Installation with our secure and patented MagnaMount® earth magnets takes minutes, with no drilling or tools. Plus, we offer the fastest turnaround in the industry and a five-year warranty.